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Mobile Awareness 31200 Solon Rd #12 Solon OH 44139 5/2012 - 12/2014
I came on board and salvaged the MobleTRAQ advanced commercial vehicle tire safety monitor from a contract engineering firm that was off track and late. A focused 11 month Embedded Linux redesign and development effort created a consistent platform that impressed the small company's investors to keep the project moving toward the current sale-able products. A list of features of the devices can be found on www.mobileawareness.com.
Development Innovations
  • Modifications to QT Open Source Webkit framebuffer browser overcame limitations of graphics system and native QT development. Allowed full javascript, jquery, and css for widely accepted rapid development programming environment.
  • Distinctive touch screen Web UI overcame limitations of small screen with low resolution and large fingers through expanded and separated touch points, zooming and scrolling, overlay area reuse, logical screen progression, and menu consistency.
  • Device is designed to log tire telemetry and user interaction for up to 12 months. Employing small footprint web server, ajax, jquery, php, and sqlite3 to communicate between the UI and monitoring services created natural tire telemetric and user event logging.
  • Low cost, consumer 3/4G modem support and cloud gSoap services overcome limitations of standalone logging and configuration which opened up device to large fleet sales.
  • Plug and play serial ports overcome limitations of two available statically defined ports for the three available external serial devices: Backup Distance Sensors, GPS, and tire sensor reception extender. This allowed customer choice without additional configuration or software updates.
  • Manufacturing support tools development overcome limitations of Freescale provided tool that failed load on 20% of devices. This allowed for more than 20 concurrent device firmware load, serialization, configuration, and test.
  • Patching services overcame limitations of no field updates and logging uploads through usb memory stick, wifi, or 3/4G.
  • Recognition of power source change in kernel overcame limitations of manufacturer provided code to allow charging of battery under all vehicle powered conditions.
  • Efficient multi-threaded services overcame slow single core processor and local server / browser UI.
  • Highly reliable NAND UBIFS filesystem and recovery scripts overcame random power downs destroying the filesystem which rendered the device useless.
The first version of the hardware predated my arrival and had serious issues. The existing firmware was non-functional. I started by evolving the LTIB Freescale provided 2.6.35 kernel from reference hardware design to our custom I.MX28 device with a focus on changes to the bootloader, NAND, memory, and power. Once firmware was functional on modified original hardware, guided two additional generations of hardware design in SOC type, pad definition, support chips, and power.
Created firmware collects, stores, transmits, and displays real time commercial vehicle tire status data. Development includes kernel level modifications, drivers, wireless pressure and temperature sensor data collection services, backup distance sensor monitoring, device patching, GPS logging, management services, web based user interface, local database configuration, and real time cloud based 3/4G or WIFI soap configuration management and status reporting. After device was functional and stable, I continued system maintenance, added features, and evolved kernel using Yocto 3.17 for more WIFI device options. Both kernels are very stable and services highly reliable and efficient.
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