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  • Created stunning touchscreen user interface that could be rapidly developed, prototyped, and debugged. It was created using QT Open Source WebKit to provide direct frame buffer support for the device's 320x240 color touch screen display. 270 images and 24K lines of Javascript / Jquery, CSS, PHP, and 4 sqlite3 databases provided the interactive, single page, web application for near real time display of status, alarms, and device configuration. The extensive browser UI interacted with data collection and configuration services through Javascript / Jquery / AJAX / JSON / LIGHTTPD / PHP / SQLITE3 on the device.
  • Developed innovative web based user interface with 3 level menu overlays, separated and expanded user touch areas, and logical screen scrolling which allowed reuse of the limited touch screen display. The single page web application has 25 different functional screen layouts. The zoom-able status screens could show 4 vehicles with up to 8 axles and 32 tires at 3 magnifications.
  • Designed, wrote, and tested efficient multi-threaded C language services that implemented 433MHZ tire sensor data collection, vehicle power line carrier communication, alsa sound, nmea gps status, wireless backup distance sensor, web UI user touch events, wifi/3g/4g data transfer, and reliable sqlite3 database entry. These user space services interacted with kernel hardware interface drivers for i2c, serial, spi, nand, and usb.
  • Developed specification for system patching and transitioned development and testing to another highly qualified Linux embedded developer. The development effort included updates, usb printing, memory stick handling, and gnupg security access service.
  • Created data collection, and remote configuration service that worked with usb memory sticks, intermittent wifi, or real time 3/4G from a cloud soap database server.
  • Moved kernel and drivers from the Freescale LTIB 2.6.35 to the Community YOCTO 3.17 which gave greater WIFI device compatibility and a modern WPA Supplicant for WIFI-Direct and P2P secure device access. This opened up device to PC or Android device access.
  • Made single page web application to test all aspects of the device web GUI. The Jquery/Ajax/PHP based application enabled less technical QA support to fully test all aspects of the device's web GUI as well as allowing easy screen capture for documentation.
  • Modified the Freescale MXS bootstream bootloader to allow manufacturing serial number writing of the OTP rom fuses as well as properly setting power configuration registers for the condition of both battery and vehicle power.
  • Created capability for CAN bus monitoring using the Freescale FlexCAN kernel drivers and libsocketcan.
  • Developed ALSA recorded voice enunciation warning and alarms. Added sound chip to second HW revision to provide voice warnings instead of gpio/pwm beeping.
  • Custom driver module and kernel driver modifications for power and battery charging, NAND, and device configuration.
  • Yocto kernel device tree custom board modifications for LCD video, touch screen, memory EMI configuration, gpio, i2c, spi, power and battery charging, GPMI/NAND/UBI, RTC, CAN, PWM, USB, and SAIF ( serial audio interface ).
Developed Contract Manufacturer device firmware load, serialization, configuration, communication, and test tools. The system had the capability to load more than 20 devices concurrently within 3 minutes. It took another two minutes for the devices to be dynamically serialized and configured.
  • Created private vpn using OpenVPN between contract manufacturer configuration system and Mobile Awareness corporate linux router that allowed secure software updates and Mysql replication and backup of configuration and serialization databases.
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