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  • Created BASH and PHP device configuration scripts that used soap to get serialization, active features, gnupg security key, and current time from contract manufacturer configuration system. Created soap web services on the contract manufacturer system to handle device configuration soap requests.
  • Developed MySQL database for device serialization and features configuration, set replication and daily backup to Mobile Awareness Corporate VPN system.
  • Rebuilt disastrous Freescale Manufacturing tool with a reliable, all Linux solution based on Yocto Kernel, U-Boot, NFS, Bootp, and Mxsldr. Effort reduced to 0% from over 20% factory firmware load failures.
Advanced product with Sales and Marketing to meet multiple large customer requirements. Created Jquery / Ajax / PHP / MYSQL and gSoap framework to assist a small team (3) of engineers and a graphic artist to quickly respond to cloud based opportunities.
  • In only 2 weeks of intense focused effort, guided team development of cloud based device tire telemetry reporting and real time configuration. Demonstration was controlled by customer Android phone, tablet, or Windows PC based devices through the cloud based web single page web application to a MYSQL database that the MobileTRAQ monitoring device was communicating via 4G modem.
  • Created device 4G modem control and reconnection service that used gSoap to send cloud MYSQL database the device tire telemetric data and to read and execute cloud device configuration updates.
  • For a different customer, expanded sales demonstration to 3 carriers ( T-Mobile, ATT, and Verizon ) and added GPS functionality to the device. Customer successfully used on 5 vehicles test that made five 5200 mile test trips across the country. Guided team to develop web site to show current tire status, vehicle location, status history, and Goggle Maps location history from the real-time Cloud database.
  • Developed multi-threaded cellular modem application that handled a Sierra and a Telit 3/4G modem on 3 separate carriers: T-Mobile, ATT, and Verizon. The application handled the differing states for all modem or carrier identification, initialization, configuration, connection, and most importantly, reconnection when signal was lost. The application used the gSoap library to send tire telemetry data to a central cloud database server to be queried by demonstration web application for customer real time access.


Technicolor 101 W. 103rd St. Indianapolis IN 46290 3/2011 - 11/2011
Made significant contributions to a large, Buildroot Embedded Linux, C/C++, multinational, firmware development team for Technicolor's next generation "Revolution" set top box (STB) project. The project used the Agile methodology, Hudson/Jenkins Continuous integration, and google unit tests.
  • Developed libcURL and SQLite based, internet file download dbus component that provided HTTP, FTP, TFTP, and FILE downloads with concurrency, priority, bandwidth throttling, recovery, pause/resume, cancel and previewing capability.
  • Implemented uPnP/DLNA "Destroy Object" and "Update Object" functionality using libXML and SQLite. This asynchronous dbus component provided uPnP/DLNA content directory service (CDS).
  • Supported system wide component interface changes to the system test component. This interfaced a gSoap web back end with each individual system component through dbus for system test.
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