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Dan Kable
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Wickliffe, Ohio 44092
Ingersoll-Rand 11910 N. Pennsylvania St, Carmel IN 46032 1/2010 - 1/2012
Provided embedded firmware product development, testing, documentation, support and web / jQuery / javascript / Ajax / PHP / MySQL test and emulation applications for Ingersoll's flagship real-time electronic security access systems.
  • As an on-site contractor and integral part of the engineering team, helped define and then developed firmware for standalone electronic access control device in C on the Microchip PIC24 MCU. As part of the definition, implemented a new simpler event driven architecture. Compared to previous devices in the product family, this product was delivered in 50% less time and had 80% less defects during its first 6 months of deployment. This high quality embedded firmware was delivered ahead of schedule, under budget, with greater flexibility, and functionality than the evolving specifications had defined.
  • Created noninvasive, real time, production release, event injection and status monitoring test tool on top of new product event driven executive code. Tool used unused UART on MCU to interface with any serial terminal to allow state changes and event execution which provided for more accurate feedback than a traditional In-Circuit debugger (ICD). Results of enhanced development testing provided for higher quality code and the faster acceptance by System Test Department of any access control product tested. This new event driven architecture was adopted as the basis for the next generation products
  • Developed VC++ MS Windows application that interfaced between serial ports ( connected to access control devices with evolving event queue mechanism ) and MySQL ip connected database. Designed database to hold tests for various locks and the status results for analysis. Created web / jQuery / javascript / Ajax / PHP application to interface with the database for test creation, device execution, and result display.
  • Developed an innovative web application that cross compiled and executed developer created PIC24 C source code on an 64 bit X86 Linux server. The product integrated JQuery, JqueryUI, Javascript, and JSON based Ajax at the client browser with PHP, MYSQL, and developer provided embedded source application on a Linux Apache web server to provide a near real time, intuitive, and interactive test or training environment.
Mustang Microsystems, Inc. 2008 - 2010
  • Created web based, multi-country, distributed media subscription service, zookz.com, in less than four months. Integrated all hardware, software, file store, database, security, networking, and administration resources.
  • Produced database based web content management system (CMS) and presentation applications enabling non-technical management of DHTML web content while maintaining site consistency and browser compatibility.
Arhaus Furniture 7700 Northfield Road, Walton Hills, OH 44146 2006 - 2008
  • Originated low cost, IIS corporate Intranet. Converted existing MSACCESS services to an integrated, intuitive, interactive, IIS/SQL Server database system.
  • Developed a series of web based tools to quantify then report on delivery and product quality that allowed a 35% reduction in customer returns.
  • Modernized store technology. Implemented web based local store sign-age and bar code printing.
  • Converted leased line frame relay network to higher performance and lower cost internet vpn regional wide area network solution.
  • Supported and extended legacy multi-valued database sales/crm/erp applications based on IBM's Unidata.
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