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Dan Kable
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Office Max 3605 Warrensville Center Road, Shaker Heights, OH 2002 - 2006
  • Created low cost, XP Embedded, Distributed, location aware, low speed WAN efficient, manageable, and recoverable Point of Sale (POS) platform that saved $3,000,000 from software vendor design, while adding redundancy and increasing performance.
  • Generated a set of applications with a graphical, intuitive web front end that enabled the help desk to solve remote store problems, allowing the network staff to focus on other issues. Applications extended the life of in store wireless infrastructure by adding manageable security saving $300,000.
  • Provided traditional and multidisciplinary, vendor independent unconventional Network Engineering and support that is highlighted by centrally implementing remote store changes without visits saving up to an additional $1,000,000.
Mustang Microsystems, Inc. 1992 - 2002
  • Developed VOIP SIP voice conferencing system based on Windows 2000 Pro in C and assembler. Single 900MHZ system was able to handle up to 400 concurrent conversations in any number of conferences.
  • Created distributed Delphi / SQL Server application to provide authentication, access, billing and routing for a private long distance voice network.
  • Provided several companies with application, database, web development, network engineering, systems integration and administration.
  • Built and delivered 1700 highly reliable communication PC based systems that provided a bridge between Revco's legacy X.25 network and IP. These system integrated custom software, a csu/dsu, x.25 pad, SDLC, and Ethernet.
Revco D.S. Inc. ( Now CVS ) Twinsburg, Ohio 1988 - 1993
Created Mustang Microsystems Inc. in 1992 to develop and manufacture specialized PC based hardware used by companies such as Revco D.S. Inc. Mustang is now used for technology consulting.
  • Researched, selected, debugged multi-vendor X.25 private national wode area network to link 2800 stores to first ever centralized on-line pharmacy system saving $4,000,000 over vendor suggested proprietary solution.
  • Created flexible, open, expandable, and cost effective store architecture that leveraged existing technician force, and non traditional component sourcing that saved an additional $4,000,000.
IBM East Fishkill Hopewell Junction, New York 12603 1984 - 1988
  • Developed Standard Bus based, real time control system for Steppers, Servos, analog to digital, timers, Optical IO for automated, centrally managed, control of manufacturing tools in C and 6809 assembler reducing cost of by ten times.
  • Developed SECS protocol on a multi port, co-processor board that allowed the PC to be used to control semiconductor manufacturing, further reducing the cost of manufacturing control systems.
  • Produced Basic-like interpretive language to control x-y table movement and Cognex Vision system to aim, focus and then trigger Excimer laser ablation. This enabled research technician's easy programmatic control of their device.
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